Harley Katz

Beecroft Fellow · Co-founder of Probably Genetic · Forbes 30 Under 30 · PhD Astrophysics · harley.katz@physics.ox.ac.uk

In short, I tackle hard problems with large computers.

Current Projects

Feel free to reach out for collaboration on any of these topics.


Transforming our understanding of the ISM and CGM with RAMSES-RTZ

Awarded >50M CPUh on the UK's DiRAC facilities, MEGATRON is the first cosmological simulation to self-consistently model the non-equilibrium chemistry and heating/cooling processes in the interstellar medium for nearly 100 atoms, ions, and molecules coupled to on-the-fly radiation transfer. Complete with state-of-the-art modules for galaxy formation and stellar feedback, including the formation and enrichment from Population III stars, MEGATRON models the formation of a Milky Way-like galaxy from the earliest epochs until cosmic noon.

SPHINX20 Public Data Release

Apples-to-apples comparisons between high-redshift simulations and JWST observations

An ambitious project to completely forward-model the spectra and photometry from the largest full-box cosmological radiation hydrodynamcis simulation of reionization with a resolved ISM.

Exascale Gravity

A new gravity algorithm without all-to-all communication

The next generation of exascale codes require us to rethink even our most basic algorithms. This project is in its infant stages and uses a purely-local method to solve gravity in a cosmological setting.


University of Cambridge

PhD in Astrophysics
October 2013 - September 2017

University of Maryland, College Park

Double Degree, BS in Physics, BS in Astronomy
August 2009 - May 2013

Astrophysics Publications

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